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 ERCIAN TESTAMENT, the Guide to Proligion

 My name is Joseph Marchante, author of "Ercian Testament, the Teachings of Proligion and Ercian Philosophy."

Why does the world need a new religion? Because most of the existent ones teach false concepts of God, and because in the process of teaching that God is a personal being, they also make the false claim thaty they carry "the Word of God" as "revealed" through prophets or messiahs.

As you will learn in detail if you read Ercian Testament, and as you will learn in general reading the pages of this website, God is impersonal Being, our Infinite Source and, simply put, infinite space, eternal time and all the energies existent in the different dimensions, energy like the type we see in our universe and "primordial" energy which is of a different quality from ours. 

I have given God the name of "ERC," a neutral generic name, not a "personal" name but one proper to the concept of God existing as Everything, not a "He" and not a "She" but in an impersonal way embracing both genders. Calling time Father Time and nature Mother Nature is okay with Ercians in a figurative way.

Another concept introduced by my book is the concept of "Proligion." Rather than remain divided by religious or political dogmas, let us use our power of reason to communicate ethically with one another and bring solutions to our problems. The Ercian religion is a "proligious" endeavor, seeking to bring together "peoples of good mind and will" through effective communication. Proligion excludes those not willing to be honest or participate in good faith. Emotion takes a back seat to Reason. Yelling and screaming will fall on deaf ears. Good arguments will catch the attention of Ercians.

What do Ercians stand for? I cannot say because i am only the Ercian founder, one Ercian. Not being All-Knowing, I am smart enough to let present and future minds decide what Ercians stand for at different stages of our evolution. However, I can say that I stand for holding Truth as the Supreme Value, without which a society is doomed. Politicians and media participants who seek power or the pursuit of personal agendas by defiling Truth have no place in a proligious society.

Those whose words and actions reflect Ercian ideals, deserve to be called Ercians. We should be guardians of the intellect against terrorists, anarchists, dictatorships and all irrational ideologies, political, religious, racial, or otherwise. 

We should say no to dogmatic religions that use the words of men to tell you they represent "the Word of God," a falsehood.

We should say no to repressive ideologies like communism and socialism which end up taking away your freedoms and your life.

We should say no to the rule of the mob, no to unethical politicians who use the mob to blackmail public figures and corporations alike by demanding resignations or threatening to boycott.

We should say no to "unchecked" democracy, no to the idea of one person one vote, a system through which those who are selfish and unwise as to the needs of the country can be bribed by politicians who offer "free stuff" that all taxpayers end up paying for.

We should say no to "the indoctrination of the masses," no to the control of the media by powerful corporations who in the majority support the same social and political agenda.

We should say no to a biased press, because a free press is not really "free" when most of the journalists and commentators think alike. The people should demand "equal opportunity" in the dissemination and presentation of news, fair and balanced coverage so that the public can make up their minds after hearing both sides of a story. Coverage should be close to 50/50 between the positive and the negative, not 90/10 favoring one side or the other.

We should say no to the suppression of free speech in our universities by mobs of oversensitive or indoctrinated students who do not want to hear views that disagree with theirs.

We should say no to the indoctrination of our youth by teachers who use their classrooms to advance their own political preferences, which in the case of the United States, is liberal or left-wing in the great majority. The universities carry the responsibility of advancing a "balanced" education which includes the field of politics, and their hiring practices should reflect that goal, not 90% liberal and 10% conservative, but 50/50.

We should say no to "open borders" and "unchecked" immigration policies. No nation can be a sovereign nation without exercising proper control over who can be a welcome and productive member of our society and who cannot. It is unfair for the citizens of any country to assume additional burdens which could threaten the survival of their society. 

We should say yes to the United States Constitution and to our "checks and balances" system of government. It should be the example for the world to follow.

We should say yes to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," yes to freedom of expression, yes to the Electoral College so that we can keep the rule of the mob from taking over, and we should say yes to the right to bear arms so that we have a way to fight back against tyrannical governments.

We should say yes to Proligion, the idea that we can talk to each other as rational civilized human beings and reach agreements that way. 

We should say yes to honest and wise politicians and journalists who present views that are fair and balanced and who work for media outlets that do not support a particular social or political agenda.

We should say yes to capitalism "with a conscience," using the free market to fuel our economies while at the same time providing for the needs of the people. 

We should say yes to education and health care, making sure universities and colleges, health care providers and pharmaceutical companies are not taking advantage of the government and of the people.

Let me be clear: these are some of my views which I express freely, and I welcome others to express their too. Ercians do not follow a Pope or religious leader, and that includes me in the sense that beyond my writings and what I can communicate while alive to form a foundation or structure for the philosophy to be adopted, my personal opinions are NOT religious commandments or laws. I am starting the ball rolling but it is up to the human race whether it wants to take it somewhere or let it lie still.

        I repeat myself: those whose words and actions reflect Ercian ideals, deserve to be called Ercians. I will try to live up to those standards, but only a wise and impartial judge or jury somewhere should determine whether I did do so or not. 

The same goes for you the reader, if you decide to become an Ercian. Calling yourself one after reading "Ercian Testament" and the pages on this website is only a promise and a commitment to work for the unity of humankind so that we may become a civilization worthy of the highest destiny possible. Let the world know that you have chosen to become an Ercian, and then do your best to work and fight so that those ideals become universal.

Follow the good ideas no matter from whom they come. We should follow the advice of our own good conscience while always listening to other views to ensure we are in the right path. Because communications are key, if not in person, use the phone, the Internet and whatever other methods of exchanging ideas are available. If an Ercian legacy evolves, then parents can pass it on to children so that the work of creating a better world continues. 

There is no group of people with me, except my family of course. God has blessed my life with their love. My love for them and for the rest of the good people of the world is what gives me the strength to continue in this long journey.

People who hang on to outdated and false concepts of God in spite of logical proofs to the contrary are delaying the evolution of the human race to a higher level. A society, or a world for that matter, cannot prosper through multicultural diversification unless all those people first support a philosophy of rational assimilation. Therefore, through Eth-Com (Ethical Communication) proligious Ercians should work as a team to find consensus as to the principles guiding such a philosophy of rational assimilation. It is not only the future and welfare of particular countries that is at stake here, but the future and welfare of the human race as a whole.

THE ERCIAN MISSION: We are one planet:EARTH, we are one race: HUMAN, and we should be one family:ERCIAN. 

In God with Love, in God with Knowledge, and in God with Courage, for ever and ever, Amen and Xamen.

Joseph Marchante

  AVAILABLE AT AMAZON.COM: My religion and philosophy are spelled out in the book "Ercian Testament" with the subtitle "The Teachings of Proligion and Ercian Philosophy."